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Donation Total: $100


Global Community Innovation Inc is a non profit organization. We are committed to the end of Homelessness, Hunger and Poverty. We will seek persons in need where they may be found and utilize education and training programs to assist in addressing their needs and the needs of their families. We are dedicated to restoring and maintaining, the self-esteem of all people we serve within the community. The donations and contributions from government and private organizations collaborated with community and individual assistance will greatly advance our mission.

Our mission is to assist communities in the restoration of families to improve income, enhance child dietary consumption, care for the Earth,and in the long run defeat international hunger .

Food & Water

Take a stand for our food & water we accept money or non perishables so we can make strong impacts on our communities in need. Everything we do is created for a family in need or a community member in hardship.

Education Help

We do everything from training volunteers to provide programming that ensures that all children are ready for kindergarten to aiding districts in effective teacher recruitment. We deliver training and professional development to teachers and administrators, and others organize extra curriculars and school support groups.

Family Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

We are here to help you through your family crisis. We offer individual/family counseling, mother/infant groups, help in meeting your child’s developmental needs, domestic violence counseling and information on community services you may be eligible for.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Select one of our many charitable campaigns and read the description once the desired one is chosen you may begin our donation process.

Funds donated to our charitable campaigns will be used to fund direct resources to communities in need.

Yes email us and describe the issues in your community that need change our board will review and reply back with feedback.

yes we do accept volunteers email us your talents and we will contact you back with further instruction.